Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wheels in wheels

Wheel Pendant
 Moving on from my obsession with coils.

Another shape I return to time after time is this cog shape. influenced partly by all the steam punk jewellery there is around and started by my need to just plain fiddle about with stuff. My cog stencil started life as a Tipex mouse I had at work.

Once I had wasted all the correction stuff (tape?) by drawing pictures with it while talking on the phone and colouring them in with highlighter pens.  I naturally had to take it to bits.

Wheel Earrings
And discovered this fabulous stencil round about the same time as I was learning enamelling at my jewellery class. The rest is history and wasted stationary.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Coils and coils

Tropical Coil Necklace
 Despite the death of my extruder I've still got a coil thing going on so I've switched to copper.

In the Tropical coil necklace my coils are teamed with the beads I made as an antidote the the all black necklace.

Then the copper coil necklace is just coils "neat" with a dash of copper beads.

Tonight .... well I will mostly be making coils.

Maybe I should get out more
Copper Coil Necklace

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ear ear

Oval earrings enamel on copper with sterling silver ear wires

Hearts earrings enamel on copper
I've been having a bit of an enamel/earring phase lately

I love the effect of the turqouise enamel over the flux on these oval dangles combined with the multicoloured bits. They remind me of tropical fish.

Enamels can be a bit unpredictable especially when you are easily distracted. The hearts were supposed to be scarlet but I overcooked them (this is why the other half does most of the other cooking in the house).

Still,  I like the effect  so don't let on it wasn't deliberate it can be our little secret.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Black on black

Black "jet look" necklace

Boxed up with matching earrings
A friend recently asked me for a plain black necklace complaining she had big chunky black necklaces and cheap shiny looking black necklaces but nothing simple.

Colour is really my thing so I wasn't thrilled at the prospect but when I sat down to work it proved to be an absorbing challenge to create interest from texture and shape yet stick with simple.

The end result a combination of glossy black glass discs and beads along with matt textured polymer clay beads reminds me of Whitby, the jet and the place. I usually make my own catches but this silver one that I found in my stash seemed to suit the mood. A pair of matching strud earrings is the icing on the cake for my friend who likes to co-ordinate her look perfectly.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Beech and Sands

Experiments with the polymer clay extruder which I have managed to kill off completely sometimes I think I should stick to hammers.
Ochre Sands Bracelet £15
Hot desert colours hence Ochre Sands

Beech Necklace

and cool winter bracing walks on the beech